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Inainte de Maiden – Povestea lui Steve Harris part 2

La 16 ani , tanarul Steve compusese deja primul sau cantec – Burning Ambition. Acesta a fost momentul cand Steve s-a gandit sa isi faca o trupa .

“When I first started playing guitar we used to muck about in my house. I used to have a couple of guys coming over from school, just sort of messing about. This guy used to play guitar, and he was a lot better on guitar than I was on bass at the time, and I used to just try and jam in with him. Then we decided “ Ah, well, we’ve got to get a drummer!”.

So we got this guy, anyway, he had this kit. He was pretty useless, but we didn’t really know at the time. We thought he was alright, but as we started to progressand get a bit better, we realized he wasn’t any good, and we sacked him.”

De fapt , Steve a recunoscut ca nici restul oamenilor din trupa nu erau asa buni si cantau mai mult cover-uri.

“They were doing more rock-boogie sort of stuff, like Savoy Brown, early Fleetwod Mac. I wasn’t really advocating the sort of stuff they were playing. I just thought it’s good experience for me. I played about 16 gigs with them.”

Trupa s-a numit Gypsy’s Kiss si a fost recunoscuta ca  fiind  destul de serioasa , dar asta nu a fost de ajuns . In curand Steve s-a alaturat trupei Smiler , un grup mai matur din punct de vedere muzical.Harris era singurul tanar din trupa , restul membrilor avand in jur de 25-26 de ani . S-a gandit ca va avea multe de invatat de la ei. Singura problema  in trupa a fost aceea ca restul membrilor nu voiau sa cante compozitiile lui Harris , considerandu-le prea sofisticate. Steve experimenta in domeniul rock-ului progresiv , iar ceilalti erau impotriva oricarui experiment , preferand mai mult un sunet de tip rockabilly. Avand aceasta bariera muzicala intre ei , Steve Harris s-a decis sa paraseasca grupul si sa isi incerce norocul cu infiintarea altei trupe. Acest lucru s-a materializat in 1975 , de Craciun, cu prima componenta Iron Maiden : Paul Day la voce , Terry Rance , Dave Sullivan la chitara si Ron Rebel la tobe.

stanga – dreapta : Paul Day , Ron Rebel , Terry Rance , Dave Sullivan si Steve Harris

Iron Maiden – Fecioara de Fier – era un instrument de tortura medieval si s-a potrivit viziunii de trupa heavy si “rea” a lui Harris. Dar Harris nu a fost primul care a venit cu numele de Iron Maiden. Cu 5 ani in urma , exista un grup de “doom” cu acelasi nume ( original  au cantat sub numele de Growth si apoi BUM) . Insa , pentru albumul lor de debut , Maiden Voyage, grupul din Essex va fi cunoscut sub numele de Iron Maiden. Este de retinut ca proveneau din acelasi tinut ca Steve Harris si ca cea mai cunoscuta piesa a lor intitulata “Ballad Of Martha Kent” avea armonii similare cu “Heaven Can Wait “ ( o viitoare piesa Maiden).

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Inainte de Maiden – Povestea lui Steve Harris part 1

Stephen Percy Harris s-a nascut in data de 12 martie 1956 in Leytonstone, Anglia. La o luna dupa nasterea lui Harris, Elvis Presley debuta cu rock’n’roll-ul sau “periculos” in chart-urile muzicale americane,creand astfel o portita pentru viitoarele generatii rock. Pe masura ce Steve crestea si se indrepta cu pasi repezi spre adolescenta, existau putine dovezi asupra viitorului sau in domeniul muzical.Impreuna cu 3 surori , Steve a fost crescut mai mult de mama sa, tatal sau lucrand ca sofer de tir pentru perioade lungi de timp.

Tanarul Harris era obsedat de sport, in special fotbal , iar in 1972 cand a terminat liceul Leyton County High , a fost acceptat in randurile echipele sale preferate de fotbal, West Ham United, intr-o perioada de proba.Clubul de fotbal s-a format dintr-o coeziune cu firma Thames Ironworks and Shipbuilding Ltd si , in mod intamplator, fusese original poreclita “The Irons”.Numai in 1900 echipa si-a insusit numele de West Ham United de indata ce clubul a devenit o companie limitata, porecla schimbandu-se si ea in “The Hammers”. Cand Harris s-a alaturat clubului , “The Hammers” erau calificati intr-o pozitie destul de joasa si numai in 1975 – 1976 au putut sa se bucure de trofee. Totusi, in acest timp Harris se concentra pe muzica.

” I was on their books for about eight months and at that time I was playing every day of the week between West Ham , my Saturday and Sunday clubs, and school. I played Saturday afternoons for Melbourne Sports Reserves and on Sundays for Beaumont Youth, which is where I got “discovered” by a famous West Ham scout called Wally Serpa. I couldn’t believe it when I heard West Ham were interested. It was great , but fourteen is the wrong age really because all I wanted to do was start having a few beers and meet a few birds – which doesn’t mix with playing football. They want you in bed early and all that stuff. In a sense it disillusioned me because I thought , ” if I can’t be dedicated to the club I really love then what’s it all about? ” It did me in a bit,really. If it had been a couple years later it maybe would’ve been a different story.”

Dragostea lui Steve Harris pentru West Ham era una fanatica, dar nu indeajuns de mare  pentru a considera o cariera in fotbal . Si-a dat seama pe parcurs ca muzica i-ar putea aduce un stil de viata mai putin exigent. Un prieten al sau , Pete Dale, i-a trezit interesul pentru muzica . A inceput sa imprumute albume de la Pete – Genesis , Jethro Tull , Black Sabbath . Initial acele stiluri i s-au parut “ciudate” dar cu timpul a ajuns sa le indrageasca. Astfel ca in 1972 , la varsta de 16 ani, Steve s-a hotarat sa invete un instrument.

” Like many others, I started by learning the guitar. I even spent a few years learning the classical guitar, then I gave up because I got bored of it. In fact, I wanted to play the bass”

Influentele studiului de bass a lui Harris erau variate . In acea perioada se concentra mult pe stilul lui Chris Squire de la Yes si cel a lui John Entwistle de la The Who. Inspiratia a mai venit si de la Martin Turner ( Wishbone Ash) si Rinus Gerritsen ( Golden Earing), acesta din urma jucand un rol important in viitorul musical a lui Steve .

Harris nu a luat lectii de bass , a preferat sa invete singur dupa albumele sale preferate : “I used to listen to early Free, early Sabbath, stuff like that. I liked some of the Free bass lines, fairly simple, but really nice technique.”

A compus primul sau cantec la 16 ani – Burning Ambition – care mai tarziu va aparea pe single-ul de debut Iron Maiden – Running Free din 1980.

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